Easy Transition - "cool daytime outfit" to a 'chic evening look"

by Gagan K July 21, 2015


A relaxing lunch with the family on a Saturday afternoon and then drinks with friends at a fancy lounge in the evening. Sounds good? I love those action packed weekends. But !! “arggg what am I going to wear ?” Well, that’s the thought that has troubled me many times. How am I going to carry around extra clothes, where am I going to change and will I have enough time to change?

The solution is… well, quite simple. Be creative, recreate, mix and match. Transitioning into the evening should not be that hard if you pick the right clothes and plan your outfits ahead. Here is what I did. 

I picked a simple high low white dress. This particular dress can easily be accessorized with any color. I decided to give hints of pink to my outfit and wore flat shoes during the day. The necklace is just so gorgeous and helps to throw in color and gives a semi casual feel. I love the white oversized vintage style shades. Hair tied up high or a simple ponytail with lots of bangles and I’m ready for brunch. It’s a fun and simple daytime look. 


For the evening, I ditch the flats and just put on my black heels and a chunky silver necklace. An amazing statement piece can just make any dress stand out. I just re touch my makeup by adding gloss, a little dark shade of eye shadow and let my hair lose. This silver chain bracelet with rings is a good idea if you don’t want to wear bangles. Its enough because the necklace is the highlight of my outfit. That’s it - I’m ready to party!

Keep in mind -

  • Pick a solid color dress. Much easier to transition from casual to formal than prints and patterns.
  • Pick a bag that you are going to use during the day and evening which can fit your shoes, accessories and some makeup.
  • Pick a color to accessorize with during the day.
  • Go from gold accessories to silver or vice versa.
  • Heels to flats or vice versa.
  • Try and change something about your hair if possible.
  • Sunglasses, hats, belts, and scarves… they all help.
  • Plan ahead. Nothing worse than regretting the shoes you forgot to put in your bag!
  • Keep gloss, eye shadow, lose powder/pressed powder, hairbrush, make up wipes and a perfume. Don’t forget the deodorant!

This was just a specific scenario. Be creative with all your clothes. Wear the same dress twice but make it look different. Accessorize, experiment and be confident. Don't forget to smile, its the best accessory and it comes free !

All accessories and white high low dress are available at Fashion Pickle.

Gagan K
Gagan K


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