How to style statement necklaces - One necklace, 3 different looks.

by Gagan K November 04, 2015

So what do you do with a statement necklace. Well, the answer is simple - You make a statement with it. A statement necklace is like your "for better or for worse" partner. Team it with a boring grey top and jeans and you created something unique. Its impossible to keep your wardrobe up to date with fashion trends but it is very easy to create a new look with accessories. So my friends, invest in new accessories every season to give the basics a refurbished look. It is an excellent and inexpensive way to add color, dimension and glam to your already existing collection.

Statement jewelry is always in trend. I have come across so many people who love these but do not dare to wear them either coz they don't know how to style them or they say these are too big. Yes they are big ! You just have to be confident and style it right. Its important to feel good when you look into the mirror so don't abandon your personal style just in the name of fashion. Its nice to experiment but not great to feel uncomfortable. Some statement jewelry can be a little overwhelming but it can be the highlight of your outfit. You can try and create your look around the necklace. A sparkly silver piece with a mint green, grey, sky blue top can be a rags to riches kinda story. The same necklace with a simple black dress can be the highlight of your outfit.

Of course experiment but please do not - 

  • Wear a colored necklace with a colored outfit. It can be hard. If in doubt with colors pick a solid color dress. You can never go wrong with an all white or an all black dress. 
  • Don't over crowd your look. If wearing a chunky piece around the neck, you can skip the cuffs and earrings. Just small stud earrings will do.
  • Try layering if you like. Take a little time to try a few pieces which go best together. Different lengths work better when layering.

I wanted to use the same statement necklace for 3 completely different looks. 

Look 1: Fun, trendy & casual  
I'm wearing cool stylish and comfortable Gypsy pants by Fashion Pickle with a simple black top. The denim Jacket is from last season and of course the unexpected twist to this casual outfit is the Fashion Pickle Avignon statement necklace.


Look 2: Semi formal, fun, classy & sexy
A simple Olive sweater - the perfect fall color with a must have simple black suede skirt. My favorite - Eiffel Tower tattoo stocking are a great accessory in fall.
And the gorgeous Fashion Pickle Avignon statement necklace


Look 3: Formal and chic
I wore an old all time favorite black net dress with he beautiful green velvet shawl/wrap by Fashion Pickle (stay tuned, they are making an appearance on our website) 
And the Fashion Pickle Avignon statement necklace.

You can do wonders with what you have in your closet. Mix match and accessorize. We do have a collection of smaller pieces. (

Here are some other ways to style Statement necklaces

Black and Gold
I picked a gold necklace to wear with my pants and a leather jacket. Then the same piece with the black dress and purple shawl. Gorgeous isn't it?
Wearing Versailles Gold statement necklace in a formal and casual style


Small is more sometimes 
A small statement necklace with the black net dress is a game changer. Wearing Taranto statement necklace


Cant get more formal than Red and Gold
Wearing Jijel Gold with a simple red dress.


With Jeans & Shorts 
So imagine these outfits without the necklaces. It will seem like something is missing.
Wearing Le Havre Gold & Mascara silver necklace


With just White
White with silver is a perfect match. It gives a simple clean and delicate look to the whole outfit.
Wearing Bordeaux Silver Coins necklace


Street Style
Our jewelry is for the trendy confident woman whose style swings between supers casual yet trendy to sexy yet elegant.  So, do not hesitate to wear these with a casual outfit to make it stand out. 
Wearing Vaasa winter necklace in burgundy 


Casual Fashionista
Wearing Reynosa Statement Necklace with Fashion Pickle Gypsy pants. Its a more casual look but will still turn heads.

With Prints and and colors
Large statement necklaces look best with solid colors but I have styled these with printed tops, polka dot dresses and print maxi dresses. Wearing Nimmes body chain necklace & Vlorë Silver.

And the most frequently asked question is are these heavy? No ! our necklaces are not heavy. Its very deceiving when you look at them but its a different story when you wear them. All our jewelry is made with high quality metal that is light weight and easy to wear.

 Are you ready to show your style? Send us pictures of how you style your necklace. Or email us with your questions. Have fun accessorizing and don't forget to wear your large statement smile :)


Gagan K
Gagan K


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