Is that Instagram blog real? Is she really that fabulous?

by Gagan K January 28, 2016 5 Comments

High nude heels and coffee photography

My Instagram feed is flooded with lovely beautiful sexy women who look wow all the time. Perfect bodies, glowing skin, nails polished and manicured, hair freshly blow-dried and cool sexy clothes. I see all these pictures while I’m on the couch in pajamas and tee, with my hair tied up, one nail broken and two chipped. These ladies wake up on crisp white sheets with pretty tresses flowing from the bed and a coffee mug in their hand. I…. ahmm, I kinda try waking up with a straight face and I am not going to talk about my hair.

Most of the popular Instagram fashion bloggers/inspiration accounts like @inspocafe @fashion_influence @women_with_style with a high following that feature other bloggers have a very similar kind of feel. That’s my personal observation for the past 5-6 months. 

One, What I see is a skinny girl with ripped jeans, super high heels, a Chanel bag, 12-15 rings and long pointy nails. As much as I love what I see, I fail to understand why something so common has become so popular. I mean I wouldn’t even recognize which blogger it is if the face is cropped.

Two, I don’t see people dressed like that in winter. I walk through New York city very very often and don’t see anyone dressed like that. With no socks on, ripped jeans, only a shirt and an unbuttoned coat I would die of hypothermia in 10 minutes.

Three, I will have to be rich, and I mean very rich, to post a picture every second day with a new bag. Not just any new bag – An LV, Prada, Chanel, YSL type of bag.  Most popular bloggers have very expensive stuff featured.

For all of you who are cringing and thinking I’m silly, I totally get it that it is inspiration, style, possible styles for a piece of garment or jewelry or whatever. I also know they get a lot of expensive cool free stuff. I just want normal people, like me, to know that it is not real. Maybe some people do dress like that everyday. I personally do not know any. Magazine shoots, advertising and fashion photography is different and posting for a blog is different. The whole point of a blog is keeping it real. Well, I had all my doubts but still those pictures are so believable that I couldn’t think otherwise. 

So I decided to give it a shot! I kinda have been passionate about cafés and coffee, or I should say coffee at cafés and started posting pictures of my coffee rendezvous on Instagram a few months ago ( We took a few professional shots to experiment and to get that cool Instagram feel. I am sharing a few here.  

beautiful stylish coffee photography

Now, I love this picture. I mean I really really love it. It looks nice and sexy, but did I wake up like that? Nope! Are these the possible ways of having coffee? Nope! Do I drink coffee like that in bed? Nope. So these are just the artistic, aesthetic, imaginative, creative and expressive ways to express my passion. Thats it. They just portray my minor obsession and the photographer's patience and talent. So do not feel bad when you see pictures of pretty ladies on social media wearing Christian Louboutins walking the dog, I am with you. 

women model drinking coffee photography


 women style drinking coffee photos 

We were actually away for the weekend so we used the hotel bed. Obviously, coz I would have to spend an hour just having the correct white sheets and making the bed at home. I have some make up on (eyeliner, blush, a little bit base) and I used the correct angle for the hair and face. I forgot my other makeup pouch at home so no mascara, no eye shadow and no contouring and no hair styling at all. Haha that’s me. 


 home lifestyle window stylish women by the window photo 

pretty girl drinking coffee ideas photography

I do not sit like that at home. I do sit with coffee, but all curled up and funny. 


coffee in high boots photo coffee on the bed 

stylish coffee and heel photo shoot ideas

I do not sit on my bed with heels and shoes on!

I would love those pictures every time I pretend its so natural. But our super passionate photographer at Fashion Pickle – Aman Bedi Photography (who is also my husband) has demonstrated to me that all of those pictures we see are professionally shot and most of them are edited like crazy.

stylish women photography drinking coffee

And trust me those angles aren’t easy. While taking these pictures he actually almost fell on top of me. My back was starting to hurt in that weird position. And obviously I would choke on coffee and die if I drink while laying on the bed like that. (ah, well at least I would die drinking coffee).

Since I have my own fashion business with my sister, I had to research all this and had to post some nice pictures too. We had decided right in the beginning that we would have believable models for all our products, clothes and jewelry. So we decided to showcase our clothes ourselves for a start and also decided to post selfies and normal unedited pictures. Our products are for the stylish diva on a budget, whose style swings between super casual yet trendy to sexy yet elegantly accessorized.

Although it would be fun to look like a diva everyday, it is hard work. So since we've started Fashion Pickle I try and keep it fabulous (coz the paparazzi run after me all the time.. lol). Here are some of my self learnt tips and tricks that will help you feel like that blogger chic on Instagram. 

  • First rule of the game is clear healthy good skin. It is Important to keep it hydrated, moisturized and clean. Of course you want pretty selfies and beautiful shots. Yes, you heard it a billion times. Lets hear it once again – Have a lot of water. Oh and cut down on alcohol (I sometimes do not practice what I preach; pls do not judge) and you will see the difference. 
  • Nails should be kept clean and manicured. Even your toes. I agree its winter and that no one is going to look at your feet in those boots, but still do it for yourself. Do it for the day you felt so warm but were ashamed to take off those socks. 
  • Accessorize!!! Can’t stress enough. Whatever it is – earrings, belts, a hat, bangles, a necklace, scarves, head bands… anything! Trust me you will see the difference when you take a picture. It puts some substance into it. 
  • Hair :( It’s the biggest problem for me when I dress up…I have messy dry curly frizzy hair and an oily scalp. Yes all possible problems that you could think of! I try and keep them settled but I wear head bands, tie them up in bun or just wear a hat sometime if I’m having a really bad hair day. Another important tip is that know which hair color suits your skin tone. It’s a game changer. Trust me. Your face will look different when you change your hair color. 
  • Makeup? There is no need of professional make up and contouring and fake lashes. Just know what enhances your face. Lots of moisturizer, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil and a little bit of blush do the trick for me. Always remember less is more.

 Now, Effortless clothes never go out of style. Wear your pajamas, stay in shorts and a tee, but do “casual” in style. Invest in good-looking pajamas. Please ditch the ones that have a couple of holes in them. (Check out our gypsy pants. You will thank us for them.) If you are like me and love gypsy pants, pajamas, yoga pants or boho genie style pants then fear not. You can pull them off nicely if you know what to wear with it. Tank tops and sweats all look nice but experiment and try to find the exact style that suits you. 

In winter it can get a bit hard to accessorize but it’s not that difficult. Wear a statement necklace on top of your cardigans. Wear those stylish leg warmers, hand warmers to throw in some color. 

So to sum up, don’t try and be someone you are not. Just make what you have look pleasing, neat and cool. It is easy to copy someones style, but even easier if you just follow your own. Wear what brings a smile on your face when you look into the mirror.

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Gagan K
Gagan K


5 Responses


November 06, 2016

Superb work!??


February 10, 2016

Keep up the excellent work ❤️


January 31, 2016

Love u babes…. Gr8 job done… Totally agree..????

Parvinder Kaur
Parvinder Kaur

January 29, 2016

Lovely work ladies!!


January 28, 2016

Lovely read Gagan! And so true! Sometimes I look at some pics and keep thinking how much time all these girls have to look like that all the time!!!

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