Top 20 Fashion & Beauty Mistakes to Avoid this Summer

by Gagan K June 15, 2016

As much as we have been craving for summer and sunshine .. Its time to look after yourself even more. 

1. Sunscreen - You should actually swear that you will not going out without applying sunscreen. Direct exposure to the sun is not just a cause of cancer but also causes fine lines and wrinkles. It is the biggest cause of pre-mature aging of the skin. No one wants that. It is important to use a broad spectrum sunscreen while at home as well because we get a lot of sunshine indoors and blinds are usually up... It is essential to re-apply sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours.  If your skin starts burning within 15-20 minutes of direct exposure to sun. (depending on your skin type), an SPF 15 product would prevent skin from burning for 15 times longer – so about 225 to 300 minutes. A sunscreen with an SPF 15 blocks about 94 percent of the sun’s dangerous rays. SPF 30 sunscreen will block about 97 percent of the rays, and SPF 45 sunscreen shields against about 98 percent of rays. Pick carefully and slap it on !

2. Sunglasses - Sunglasses definitely protect your eyes from the UV rays and glare but they also protect the area around the eyes, which is one of the most sensitive areas on your face and first to get fine lines. Simple stylish and an easy accessory is a must. Keep one in your bag. 

3. Cover up - I do wear a hat, if I know I’m going to stay out for long. If you are not game to wear one, keep a UV protection umbrella in your bag. Also, Fashion Pickle has these cool Kaftan/cover-ups that I am definitely keeping in my bag. It’s a lightweight soft scarf to cover your face or for your arms and back if you are exposed directly to the sun for too long or when the heat is biting into your skin too much. Cover-up No one should have direct exposure to the sun for too long. You are doing a huge damage to your health. If you have had bad sunburns or spent time tanning (sun, tanning beds, or sun lamps), you also have a higher risk of getting melanoma. 

4. Moisturize - Your skin might not feel as dry in summer because you sweat and might take colder showers but it still needs moisturizing! Don’t be lazy after you shower. Put on the body moisturizer like you do in winter. You might use a lighter product. So may be instead and of body butter and creams use lotion. Another important tip: The moisturizer works better on a little wet skin so pat dry after you shower and apply right away. Also, don’t forget your feet !

5. Cool as Cucumber - Show some love to your skin. If you stayed too long in the sun, you must go home and show some love to your skin. Have a glass of water, cleanse your face, use aloe Vera gel on the skin that might feel irritated due to the sun. Honey never fails to disappoint the skin. It is naturally antibacterial, full of antioxidants and moisturizes the skin. My must try is cool cucumber juice. Just dab it all over with cotton and let your skin relax.

6. Nighty Night - Never skip the night routine! Just like our body, our skin rejuvenates during sleep. Before going to bed use skin products that will help maintain the moisture and PH of your skin. Everyone has different skin needs. So understand your skin, research the products before you use them. I have started using these amazing products from Dee’s Apothecary. I have used under eye serums before but this one is surely different. It is natural, made only with essential oils and is totally chemical free. I also tried using the face lotion and it is what I will be using all summer. It is light, moisturizing and non greasy. More importantly, I know it is only a mix of natural essential oils and love. The lip balm and hand lotion are always in my bag. Try them, you will not regret ! Dees Apothecary

7. No, Thank you - When you feel the heat and feel life reaching for the soda.. stop ! Have a cold brew instead on a hot afternoon or ice tea (not the bottled one that is full of sugar). An iced coffee with a little bit milk or iced tea with lemon is way better than anything else you might pick up. Caffeine does dehydrate the skin a bit, but read number 8 !

8. Water Water Water - Hydrate your body and skin with lots of water. Make a jug of flavored water in the morning. Get a big jug of water, add your favorite flavor for the day or what ever is available in the fridge. (Cucumbers, lime, lemons, blueberries, strawberries)

9. Food - Eat lots of spinach and fruits rich in antioxidants to help your skin.  Spinach is so rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin K. So it's a perfect food for skin in summer. Without adequate vitamin K in your diet, calcium can be deposited in your skin’s elastin fibers and harden to cause wrinkles. Vitamin K is also needed for the formation of certain proteins that maintain healthy skin cells and it may be a factor in skin problems like acne. In fact, vitamin K skin treatments help to prevent acne and in particular heal skin affected by acne scarring. A more colorful plate of food means more nutrition in your diet.

Did you know there is edible SPF ? Well some foods are packed with a natural armor against the sun. Like Tomatoes, papaya, watermelon and purple grapes ! 

10. Pedicure please - Don’t wear flip flops if your toe nails are going to embarrass you. Winter boots, and socks are a great excuse to just let them grow. But, you know what needs to be done now. 

11. Sweaty Feet - As much as sandals sound perfect for summer, sometimes sneakers and socks are a better way to do it. If you know its going to be a long sweaty day, socks are a better option to keep your feet clean and absorb the sweat.

12. Tights? - Please, please, please don’t wear tights as pants. You are a size 2 or a size 14.. remember, tights are not pants! No matter how comfortable they are, lose them if they're not worn with a long top or anything that covers your butt and crouch. 

13. Accessorize - Don’t forget to accessorize. Believe me, over accessorizing is a crime.. but under accessorizing is an even bigger one. Summer is the perfect time to wear anklets, bangles, bracelets and cuffs. Bring out the gorgeous statement necklaces and body chains that were replaced by warm scarves in winter. A cute print dress will look amazing just by adding a statement necklace or cuff. Also, colors are a great accessory. Do not shy away from orange yellow and pink !

14. Camouflage - Winter coats and jackets easily hide away the areas we aren’t too proud of. In summer, pay a little bit more attention to the type of styles you pick. If you are trying to hide the muffin tops, don’t pick a solid color fitted tank with shorts. Instead go for flowy tops and printed patterns. If you are bottom heavy and have a smaller waist, accentuate the waist. For the ladies who do not like to show off the arms and the sleeves feel too much for summer, the lovely cover ups are again a fantastic way to wear a cute outfit. How can we forget the gypsy pants - soft, breathable and perfect for summer months !

15. Did you see that? - Again, its very easy to commit the biggest mistake ever in summer – Panty lines, bra that’s don’t fit and clothes that are not the correct size ! I request you to have a good look in the mirror before you walk out. Don't save the shape wear for parties and events. The special bra with the special cups is not just for a special occasions. 

16. Happy in your skin - Don’t be scared to show some skin. Be happy with your body, size and style. Crop tops are fantastic with shorts, skirts, pants and pajamas too. Try the loose version of a crop top with a high waist skirt if you don’t want to show too much. Tank top dresses are such a great way to stay cool and show some legs. Pair them with sneakers and you will rock it.

17. Artists canvas - No glossy, shiny, heavy, dark make up in 85-degree heat! No one wants melting lip-gloss and mascara running down their cheeks. The colors you use in summer for make up should be different to the ones you used in winter (obviously according to your skin tone). The oil based shiny foundations are great for winter but they might not work as well in summer. Try and use water proof products if you are staying outdoors. 

18. Soft Tresses - Spending time in the pool or at the beach? Your hair will cry for help. Chlorine and salty water make hair very brittle, dry and dull. Be gentle when you handle your hair and be generous when you condition it. Use hair serums, good conditioners and cleansing shampoos.

19. Don’t sit at home ! You have hibernated enough, binge watched a lot of shows on Netflix in winter. It is time to take a walk after dinner. Every one has some sort of stress all the time and the best way to combat it is to get your body in motion. Exercise, walk, see friends, have a cold beer and make the best out of summer.

20. Do Not criticize your self – I don’t care if you don’t follow the 19 points above.. But this one is the most important. Summer or winter - Please love your self.. love your body.. Embrace the flaws that you see..  It doesn't matter what others think about your size shape and style. It matters that you look after your self and do all of the above to feel better about yourself. Smile when you look into the mirror and don't forget to be thankful that you are here to see the summer of 2016 !


Gagan K
Gagan K


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